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Gallery 7 - Mumman
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006.JPG 007.JPG 008.JPG 011.JPG
My solution for bent-legs chair mummification! Love those boots! Movement: zilch! :"Be careful getting up!--in a few hours!"
014.JPG 018.JPG 021.JPG 022.JPG
Booted bondage bliss Ready to get up! careful! Another fine bind I've gotten myself into! Tightness!
023.JPG 024.JPG 031.JPG 036.JPG
Total arms and hands immobilization I've been a good boy to deserve this! OK now, let's switch arm bondage to the front! That's a little more comfortable!
038.JPG 058.JPG 061.JPG 062.JPG
:"OK, you can go now! I'm good, dear!" Mummification chair nirvana Lazy tight bondage afternoon You can just sit there all afternoon, mister!"
066.JPG 177.JPG 178.JPG 179.JPG
"My feet are killing me!" Getting comfortable... "How about some tape, dear?" "Yeah, and some rope and some music!"
180.JPG 181.JPG 184.JPG 185.JPG
"Aaahhh!" Lounging on a sunny afternoon "Damn commercials!" No wiggle the feet!
187.JPG 188.JPG 190.JPG 193.JPG
Peace and not-so-quiet!   Nap time! My fave boots
197.JPG 220.JPG 222.JPG 225.JPG
Hard to do stairs in these! Well, kitty can see out the window! I feel stiff today! :"This corset is killing me!"
228.JPG 229.JPG 232.JPG 233.JPG
All settled in for a long bondage afternoon meditation/nap! Maximum inflated rubber hood, full over-bust tight leather corset under heavy diving suit: Hot! "I'm bored! And sweaty!" Tight high-heeled boots, 8 belts, ties, plastic wrap & tape= happiness!
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