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Gallery 8 - Mumman
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Now be still!--for a few hours!" Afternoon immobilization delight! "You can just sit there for awhile! I'm going shopping!" Room with no view
293.JPG 294.JPG 295.JPG 296.JPG
Gag-pad in mouth w/electrical tape wrapped around head. Nice tiny breathing holes! Nice foot bondage Black and blue, bondaged true! "It's gettin' hot in here!"
297.JPG 300.JPG 362.JPG 365.JPG
Thinking and space-out time Great boots! Perfectly tight Hooded, toe-booted mummification fantasy "I wonder if it's dark out yet!"
366.JPG 402.JPG 403.JPG 406.JPG
Good way to spend the evening. "Good-night, dear!" The full Mummy! No movement allowed! Totally mummified rigidity Complete mummification immobilization. A little more tape never hurts!
407.JPG 408.JPG 410.JPG 414.JPG
Movement ability:0% How many hours can I endure?? Toe-booted feet immobilization 8'' heels
416.JPG 418.JPG 419.JPG 424.JPG
A relaxing, immobilizing, therapeutic, hot and sweaty afternoon Must endure, must endure... Stuck solid w/maximum ball-gag In Darlex armbinder and toe-boots pre-wrap
428.JPG 429.JPG 430.JPG 432.JPG
Now you just sit there awhile and think about what a bad boy you've been!" "Damn this is tight!" Wrapped and trapped Solitary
  The Bondage Thinker  
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