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Mary's Mummy

by Lee

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© Copyright 2008 - Lee - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; drug; kidnap; bond; hood; gag; wrap; bandages; intubate; toys; insert; tens; coffin; display; tease; reluct; X

A Halloween Special 2008 Tale

Chet and Penny were hiding behind the door to the back work area. The lights were out and Chet had a syringe in his hand.

Penny whispered, “Are you sure that stuff is safe?”

Chet look at the syringe. “Yea it will keep her out for about 3hrs. She will wake up with a headache.”

“I still don’t know if we should do it this way.” Penny mumbled, “Are you sure.”

Penny was cut off by the sound of the door to the outer room being opened. “Do you have the hood?" Chet whispered.

“Yes, quiet” Penny mumbled.

“Is it Mary?” Chet asked.

“I think so.” Said Penny.

Footsteps were getting closer to the door. Chet saw a foot, then the shoulders of Mary. As Mary passed where Chet was hiding he stepped out and put his hand around her mouth and stabbed the needle in her thigh. The girl struggled for a few seconds then went limp.

Penny pulled her hair back and put a ball gag into her mouth. She ran the strap underneath her hair and tightened it up pulling the ball deep into her mouth. “Damn turn the light on I can’t see a thing.” Penny told Chet. Penny had just slid the spandex hood over her head as the lights came on. She zipped it shut.

“Ok Penny grab her legs and lets get her to the table.” Chet said grabbing her under her arms. They laid the girl on the table.

“Thank goodness she’s wearing a skirt. We won’t have to cut her pants off.”

“Penny roll the cart over here we need to get started.” Chet motioned to the cart with the supplies on it. They undressed Mary folding her clothes and putting them in her bag. “Put these in her locker Penny.”

“Man she is going to be pissed at us.” Penny took Mary’s things and put them into a locker across the room.

Chet proceeded to clean certain parts of her body with alcohol. Penny slid the cart up to the table beside Chet. Chet started talking while he worked. “These are fluid and nutrition lines that will provide her with what she needs.” Chet said as he started the two iv lines. When he finished he laid the lines out toward the bottom of the table.

Penny picked up the joined dildos and was looking at them. “Go ahead and lube them up. The jelly is right there.” Chet pointed at the tube that had been lying beside the dildos. As Penny put the lube on Chet placed the girls legs in the stirrups spreading her legs wide apart.

Penny still looking at the dildos said. “These things are huge. Are you sure she has used these before?”

Chet looked up. “I got them out of her apartment. She calls them her little devils.” Chet took the little devils and started them into the girl’s ass and pussy. “Damn these don’t want to go in. Penny help me.” Chet said.

“Give me that.” Was Penny’s response. “Now lift up her hips a little.”

“You’re going to make a fine doctor.” Penny still had to force the dildos into the girl. “There.” Penny said as she cleaned up the extra lube.

“How do these things work again?” Chet was attaching tubes to the bottom of each dildo. “These things are high tech. They vibrate, pulse, they have pads to shock you. They monitor all of your vitals. BP, pulse, body temp. They transmit this information to a PDA or computer. For long term use they can capture and evacuate liquid and solid waste through these lines.” Chet laid the tube out with the others.

“They can work totally automatically. Or you can run them remotely with the program on the computer. There is a ring on the ass dildo that can move up and down right at her rosebud. There is a bump on the one in her pussy that sits at her sweet spot. It can vibrate and move up and down. The ends of both can pulse up and down and the dang things can even ejaculate. Last but not least they can inflate.” Chet stood back and looked at Penny.

“God Penny” said. ”I think I’m in love.”

Chet added “They can run or be recharged by this pad.” Chet was holding a 5” by 5” pad. He applied some body glue to it and lifting her butt up laid it under the cheeks and sat her back on it.

“Here are the tens pads. Where do they go?” Asked Penny.

“One on each nipple, One on either side of her pussy. That’s both channels.” Chet watched as Penny put the pads on. “Run the lines down by the tubes. Don’t forget the cannula for the oxygen.” Penny reached under the cart and pulled out a plastic package. Opened it and put it on the girl. Running the line down the table with the others.

“Ok now we can start wrapping her up. Get the box of gauze.”

Penny walked over and slid the big box over to the table. “How much did you bring?” she asked.

“Enough to wrap her completely a dozen times. They were going to throw it away.” Was Chet’s response. “Make sure we don’t get the lines tangled.” Penny held up Mary’s feet as Chet started to wrap. When Chet reached Mary’s ass he stopped. “Double check all the lines before we continue.”

“Their fine.” Was Penny’s response.

“ I didn’t know Mary was into this Chet.”

“Gary told me. He said he wrapped her up for almost a week once.”

“ Maybe I’ll have to try this.” Penny mumbled.

“I have enough gauze. After we are finished with her?” Chet let it drop.

Penny looked at him and smiled. “Later we have to finish her and get her on display. They open the place at dark.”

“What is that 6 hrs?” Asked Chet. “We got plenty of time.”

They continued to wrap Mary from head to toe. The crossed her arms over her chest making sure Mary’s tits were not underneath them. “Are you sure she can see through the spandex hood?” Penny finally said.

“Yea, the hood is white. The one layer of gauze I put over her eyes will let her see pretty good.” Was Chet’s reply.

They laid Mary in the coffin and routed the lines and hoses out the bottom. They had put a brace under the gauze on her back. It fit into a hole in the coffin bottom. “This will keep her from being able to fall out. After all it’s going to be leaning against the wall and we don’t know how much she’ll move around during. Well you know.”

Penny looked at Chet. “You mean when she starts having orgasms?”

They finished fitting Mary into the coffin. Once in place in the haunted house Chet ran the lines and hose into an old chest beside the coffin. Everything needed to support her was in there.

They had everything set up. Chet turned everything on double-checking before he closed the chest. “There is enough to support her for 48 hrs at a time. I have enough in my locker to carry her through the end of the haunted house and then some.”

“3 weeks. I can’t believe she would ever want to do something like this.” Penny said as they stood there watching the Mummy.

Chet was looking at the PDA. “She’s starting to wake up. Start the program on the Little Devils.”

Penny started the program on the laptop that was in the chest and closed the lid. You could tell Mary was coming to. She was starting to move around.

The girl in the coffin was in a daze. She had a heck of a headache. Why was she sore in her arms and legs? And what the hell?  She tried to move her arms and couldn’t. She couldn’t talk she recognized a ball gag was stuffed into her mouth. OH God she had dildos in both her ass and pussy. She was starting to panic. She was straining against her bonds. Trying to cry out. Who could of done this she thought.

Oh Oh OOooohhhh. The little devils were working their magic on her. They were both going and the intensity was rising. Suddenly she felt the one in her ass start to move. It was near her rosebud. OOOHHHHH GGGOOOODDDD she screamed into the gag. The ring had just run in and out of her ass. Popping back and forth past her rosebud. The vibrations in her pussy were wonderful. OH Shit. What the OOOOHHHHHh. UUUUggghhhh. She shuddered. She was scared, terrified. But the fear along with the intense stimulation she was getting was carrying her to the top. She finally realized she could barely see. What was across her eyes?

AAAAAahhhhhhhhhh. She struggled against her bonds. Oh God, Shit Suddenly a series of shocks hit her tits and just above her pussy. NO NO Yes yes oh God YES. She was carried over the edge. She was having a OH GOD YYYyyyeeeesssss. She was screaming into the gag. When she wasn’t screaming she was moaning.

Chet and Penny were enjoying the show. “Mary must be having a doozy.” Said Penny. “Look how she is struggling.” Penny looked at Chet. Chet wasn’t paying any attention to Penny he was engrossed with the bound woman in front of him. He was glad he had moaning sounds to play over the sound system it would mix with her sounds. The girl in the coffin wasn’t struggling as much. She was making a low moaning sound and her body would twitch every now and then.

Penny and Chet were both watching the Mummy when they felt the presence of someone behind them. They heard a girl say. “Wow Guys, you out did your self on that mummy. The way it moves it looks alive.” Penny and Chet both spun around and at the same time and shouted. “Mary!”

“OH SHIT.” Penny shouted. With a hand clamped over her mouth. Chet and Penny both looked back to the Mummy at the same time.  In unison they both said. “Then who did we wrap up?"

It took a few minutes but Mary finally figured out what the two of them were trying to say at the same time. Mary went to her locker and got the things out. She was looking through the purse when she found an airline ticket. She walked back to the mummy who seemed to be trying to get out of the coffin. She was moaning pretty loud again.

Mary was holding the ticket, looking at the mummy when Penny turned to look at her. “That’s my sister you got in there.” Mary said stunned. “Quick do something let’s get her out of there.” Chet was starting to take the wrapping off the mummy’s head when it started to shake back and forth. The movement wasn’t much but Jean kept doing it. He could hear a mumbled “oah oant.” coming from the mummy. Penny had stopped the program on the computer.

Mary walked up to the mummy and said. ‘Jean is that you?” The mummy started to shake her head yes. She couldn’t move her head very far but everybody could tell it was a yes. Mary heard a mumble coming from Jean and moved closer to her. “Aow oung.” Was all Mary could hear.

“I think she is saying how long?” Penny finally said. They looked at the mummy and she was shaking her head yes. “How Long? Mary repeated.

Chet said. “If she means how long were we going to keep her there, we have supplies to go over a month. But we were only going to do it during the haunted house. Everyone I talked to said it wouldn’t be any problem”.

Mary looked at Chet. “You mean this was meant for me?” Mary asked.

“Well yea.” Chet said meekly. “We were going to run the dildos while the haunted house was open. That’s 8 hours. You would be able to sleep. The computer can tell if you are awake. You can even start the program cycle by squeezing them for 15 seconds.”

Mary went up to Jean. “Jean to get this straight you don’t want to be released? You want to do this?”

Jean was still for a few seconds then she started to move her head yes. Mary turned around and looked at Chet and Penny. “You two have a lot of nerve doing this. Are you sure this is going to be safe?”

“Yea we have more than enough iv’s. I have two spare control packs. I even have hunters skinning knifes in case we have to cut her out.”

Mary looked at Chet then Penny. “Do you have another coffin and the stuff to do me? I’m not going to let her have all the fun.”

Chet and Penny smiled and at the same time and said “We sure do.”



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