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The Mummie's Dream

by Xplaspete

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© Copyright 2006 - Xplaspete - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; Domme; leather; naked; gag; hood; wrap; saran; tape; cocoon; bond; rope; fantasy; burial; denial; tease; mast; climax; cons; X

This is my first story and is actually a true experience.

The dream seemed to repeat itself over many nights, indeed over many years. There were a lot of variations, but all the dreams had a common theme of me being wrapped up tight in what appeared to be some sort of clear plastic.

Some times this was like bandages wound over and over until there was nothing of me left unwrapped. Other times it was like I was in some sort of plastic bag that had been shrunk tightly over me. I looked and felt like a supermarket chicken.

The dream had strong sensual energy and frequently I awoke from the dream to find I was soaked in sweat, had a hard on and had just ejaculated.

My wife didn't want know about the dream. Being wrapped in plastic was obscene and just plain crazy to her. The few friends I talked to about it either though I was nuts or I needed to see a therapist.

One friend, however, suggested that this was just some sort of sexual fantasy and maybe I should explore the area of sexual fetishes. I had never been there before. I hadn't even had much interest in pornography.

Still the dream kept coming like a wake up call. So what the heck, I started to explore the net only to be surprised to find my dream was a "normal" reality to many people. I spent hours looking at pictures and reading stories until gradually I realised that I needed to get wrapped up. Drastically I need to get wrapped, but how to do it. I tried to do it myself with kitchen wrap. Not very successful. I could not wrap myself all over and certainly not as tight as in the dream. Sexual, no, frustrating, yes very.

My wife laughed when I asked her to do it for me, then threatened to throw me out when she realised I was serious.

Then one day while searching the net I came across a site that offered, amongst other services "Mummification". Unfortunately they included it in a range of BDSM activities. That I had barely heard of let alone taken part in. What was I getting into?

That night the dream was even stronger. There I was subjected to the will of these women dressed in exotic black leather. The whole thing was totally out of my control and half way through my penis seem to take control and I was thrashing about in exotic ecstasy to be rudely awakened by my wife calling me a dirty old man and stomping out of the room.

I had to do something about this; the dream was taking over my life.

Next morning I phoned the site I had found on the net. They were very nice. "Sure we can do that for you" the receptionist said when I explained the problem. "What you are after is perfectly normal". They explained where they were and what it would cost (it sure doesn't come cheap) and I made an appointment for two days time.

I was shaking when I hung up the phone. What was I getting my self into?

The place was quite ordinary when I found it, looked just like any other house in an ordinary, but busy street. I plucked up enough courage to knock on the door, which opened immediately. Then I noticed the security camera. They must have seen me standing there, hesitating to knock, oh shit I felt so small.

The receptionist was tall and well dressed and looked perfectly normal to me. She took me through to a waiting room the walls of which displayed numerous items of bondage equipment some of, which were positively terrifying. I could not take my eyes of some things that obviously would do very painful things to ones penis. My penis in fact was growing very excited and didn't know whether to enjoy itself or make a run for it while it still could.

Before I could decide the door opened and one of the mistresses stood there. She was dressed or rather almost undressed in slinky exotic black leather. Around her was an aura of power. Don't mess with this one my instinct was saying loud and clear.

Mistress Catherine entered the room. She looked me up and down then suggested we sit down. "First time?" she asked in a knowing way.

"Yes I blurted out."

"It's ok," she said, "We like introducing first timers to the delights of our work". I had a vague notion of a spider saying that to a fly.

Anyway we talked about what sort of a session I wanted and I explained the dreams I had been having.

"Yes" she said. "Interesting. What do you know about mummification?"

"Not much. Apart from the dream."

"Well it's about sensory deprivation. You're cut of from the world and enter a world of your own. To do that best you need to cut of all contact with this world and everything has to be totally out of your control."




"Of course we can do something less, if you like?"

"Uh, No! I think I need the total experience."

"Good then I suggest we use a hood, totally wrap you head to foot and tie you up as well to stop any movement."

Catherine went on to discuss how long I wished to be wrapped and talked about safe words should I need to get out. Then she took me to a room with a large bed with a strong metal frame and again those instruments of torture hanging from the walls. I was told to take off my clothes and to go next door to the bathroom, shower and go to the toilet as that would not be possible for some time to come. When I came back I was told to stand at the end of the bed facing the door with my eyes down looking at the floor.

I stood there for some time contemplating my fate. There was a mix of fear, apprehension and expectation. I really did not know what to expect or even if I still wanted to do this.

The door opened and Mistress Catherine entered with what looked like armloads of gear.

"Eyes down and don't ever disobey me again!"

Fear rose up and my eyes struggled to find a safe place to look at on the floor. But I had already seen the huge rolls of plastic, which I later found out was pallet wrap, the duct tape, something made out of black rubber and what looked like miles of thick rope.

She walked up to me. I could see her high heels and strong elegant legs in black lace stockings.

"Now Peter you WILL do exactly as I say won't you?" She grabbed my balls and squeezed hard.

"Won't you?"


"Close your eyes. Put your head up and open your mouth wide."

"Agh. Agh."

She had forced something into my open mouth and quickly secured it by a strap around my head. I was gagged!! I tried to protest nothing came out but mumbles. I reached up to pull it out and was slapped hard across the face.


"You will do only what I say."

"Do you understand?"


So much for safe words. I had no words just grunts

"Close your eyes and keep them closed."

I hadn't even been aware of opening them.

It didn't mater anyway as next thing a heavy black rubber hood was placed over my face and head, pulled tight and zipped shut. No air. No air. I need air. I panicked. Then air flowed in as the hood settled around my nose. The panic subsided. I could breathe, but I could not see a thing and there was nothing to hear but my gasping breath.

There were hands on my shoulders supporting me. Strong hands.

There were sounds. Vaguely I heard "Spread your legs and hold your arms out away from your body".

I did so and felt plastic being wrapped around first one leg then the other. When both legs were finished the wrapping climbed up my body, over my shoulders and back around my waist. It was wrapped tightly.

Next my arms and hands were wrapped. So far so good I had got this far when wrapping myself though not so tight.

Then the voice again, distant and indistinct through the hood. "Put your legs together and your arms by your sides". I did as told, nearly overbalancing. Hoods don't help your sense of balance one little bit.

The wrapping continued with my legs being wrapped tightly together. When she reached my groin my balls were pushed between my legs and the wrap went over them. Then my penis was pulled down between my legs and the wrap was placed over it. Somehow that didn't seem right but I was in no state to ask questions.

My arms were them wrapped tightly alongside my body and them the wrap was pulled even tighter going up and down my body until I was having to struggle for breath. Then before I realised it the wrap was over my shoulders and over my head. Breathing, became not a struggle, but was impossible. I could fell the wrap sucking in as I attempted to take a breath. Panic. I'm going to die trusted up like a supermarket chicken.

Air. Air. I must have air. I struggled against the wrap to free my hands but it was useless the wrap was too strong. Too tight and too many layers.

Dizziness was starting when suddenly there was a rush of air in first one then both nostrils. I stood there gasping to the distant sound of laughter.

The laughter was followed by a ripping sound and the wrapping became tighter still as what I later realised was duct tape was applied to further seal me in.

Nothing seemed to happen for a while then the word "ready".

Ready. Ready for what.

I fell backwards and landed with a thump. The wind knock out of me. Again I struggled for air.

Something was happening to my feet. They were being wrapped and taped.

It took awhile to realise I had been pushed over onto the bed and was now lying flat on my back.

Distant words again. 'Wriggle up the bed"

Wriggle I could hardly move. A slap on the feet got me moving and I found I could move just a little. With much struggling I move a foot or so up the bed.


I stopped and lay still, short of breath and wondering what comes next.

Rope. Rope came next. Tight rope around my feet, my body, even it seemed my head. I struggled to move. No movement was possible. I lay still and listen for what was to come next.

Nothing came next! Nothing at all. No sound, no sight, no smell and the only feel all over was the warm cling of plastic.

This wasn't like the dream. The dream was always sexy. By now I would have had a hard on and been wriggling around so I could come.

Coming wasn't possible. Wriggling wasn't possible. My penis was tied down wrong and I could barely move a muscle. Shit. Can't do that either, not unless I want to lie in it for hours.

I just lay there. I tried struggling again but nothing moved I just got sweaty.

I must have drifted off to sleep. Then the dream started.

I was standing in a stone building, nude, surrounded by near naked soldiers armed with swords and spears. Before me was their leader. He was angry, shouting, ranting, raving. In his hand was my staff. My magic staff, the staff of the high priest. My head was still ringing from the blows and I was struggling to hear what he was saying. Something about mummification, burial, life.

Slowly the word sunk in I was to be mummified and buried alive. Worse still he raises the staff and placed it on my head. The spell he makes is for eternal life. He moves the staff to my balls. He was not gentle and a shaft of pain surged through me. The pain was nothing compared to the spell. He cursed me to never come again, but to always have the need to.

Shit I knew taking the Pharaohs daughter was too good to be true, but did he have to come back from the war just then.

I made to throw myself on the ring of spears surrounding me, death was better than this, but the shackles on my feet stopped the movement.

The priests come forward, baskets of bandages in their arms. My priests, but a glance at the disgust on their faces, showed they were mine no more.

Two of the soldiers took my arms and stretched them out and the priests commenced their work with wet bandages. Wet so they would shrink tight when they dried.

It was over soon enough. Bound from head to toe I was picked up and carried out into the hot sun.

I seemed to be bounced around for hours then lowered in to a cool place.

Within seconds there were thumps on my chest and a gradual decrease in sound and an increase in pressure. With the increase in pressure it became harder to breath and to move. Eventually the thumps decreased and then stopped. Silence. Deathly silence.

So this is what it felt like to be buried alive unable to die.

Then the itch, the penis itch. The throbbing need down below. If only I could reach there. But no the bandages where tight and getting tighter. I wriggled maybe I could rub it and masturbate that way, but no movement was possible. The need to come grew in me. I grew worse each minute, each hour, each day, each month, each year.

Centuries went by. Still I lived, and while I lived I had to come, I had to have some relief. I cursed the Pharaoh. I cursed his daughter. Why was she so beautiful, so sexual, so needy and why did I have to meet that need. That need. I met hers, but now I was condemned forever to never meet my need. MY NEED.

I had survived before. No sex for weeks at a time. But centuries. I was as up tight as it was possible to be with no relief in sight. No sight, no sound, no smell and only the rough tight feel of the bandages to sustain me.

Maybe if I struggled some more. Maybe over time the bandages have come looser. But no, movement was still impossible.

Or was it, something was happening at long last. I could feel something touching me right where I needed to be touched. Yes that was a touch, a warm touch. It touched my penis. It rubbed it, stroked it, felt it. The touch moved to my breasts, my nipples. I am feeling something strange there. Something I haven't felt in centuries. A breeze.

Suddenly my penis was free. It stands up with an unbelievable surge of sexual energy. Never has it been so hard so fast.

Before I can absorb that there is a searing pain in my left then my right nipple. It feels as though somebody is bitting them and trying to tear them off. I try to scream but my mouth is full of something and no sound comes.

The scream is also silenced by the hand working on my penis. Gently at first then faster and faster they work. I wriggle I struggle I must come. I need to come. Close, so close, nearly there. No. No they have stopped. Don't stop. Don't stop I have to come. No release for 4000 years I must come.

They start again gently, quietly. Go faster, faster Please. Please FASTER.

Ahhh I'm coming, they won't stop me now. Shit they have stopped. No. NO. NO!!!

Somebody help me. Please.

Again. They're starting again. I can't stand it I know they are going to stop. I'm close, they stop when I'm close. Please don't stop. No don't stop. I struggle. I'm hot I'm sweaty, I'm exhausted, breathless and suddenly I come.

Ahhhhh. There is searing pain in my breasts. My whole body jerks repeatedly, my penis pulses, pulses and shoots repeatedly. I have never come like that before. The energy was amazing, blinding in intensity. I collapse panting close to passing out.

Snip, snip, snip, slice, slice. Cool breezes. What's this? Blinding light. I can see, but I can't it's too bright. What's happening? This isn't the desert. Where am I?

I'm in a room lying on a bed. There's a woman there. "Don't get up for a moment. You well need a minute to come back to reality".

Reality, which reality?

Then I'm back. Shaking, wow that was some experience.

I shower and get changed. Catherine shows me out and asks at the door. "I'm curious what did you experience?"

"It felt like some sort of past life. I was mummified and buried alive in ancient Egypt ."

"Oh" she said, "that one."



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