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Santa's Helper

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2023 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Santa’s Helper

Lisa knew this would work, she clearly remembered seeing Santa when she was five and even though no one would believe her she knew she had seen him. Tonight, she would prove it. The box was ready, her outfit was ready, all she had to do was get dressed, shimmy into the box and wait.

Over the years she had set up hidden cameras, sound recording devices even had thermal imaging and not once did she ever get anything other than something failing or static. So, she had come up with an idea to hopefully surprise the big guy long enough to snap a picture herself.

The box was made of wood having been used to deliver a small wine cooler, she had gotten it from a friend, using it as her own small jail cell when she was in the mood. Lisa knew it didn’t look big enough to fit a person so she had covered it with brightly wrapped cardboard making it look like a present near the tree.

She normally only squeezed in naked but tonight she would be wearing her new transparent red latex catsuit. She loved wearing latex almost always wearing something made of rubber everyday even if it was just a thong or a bra. Once she had her body encased, smoothing out the rubber with her gloved hands making sure each of her toes were in their own little pockets her arousal had increased making her continue to add to her outfit.

Looking at herself in the mirror she loved how her body was shown through the transparent rubber thinking she needed something. Smiling she padded to her closet returning a few minutes later with an arm load of stuff dumping them on the bed. “It’s dress up time!” Lisa mused as she sorted through what she had brought out.

Lisa didn’t have many white items so she opted to go for clear, only keeping the red showing, unzipping the front of the catsuit to expose her firm breasts. Playing with her erect nipples for a moment she started moaning, forcing herself to stop and continue with her evening’s preparations.

The ring bra would squeeze her breasts firmly around the bases making her breasts bulge nicely under the rubber stretching the cups in the suit even more. Lisa messaged her breasts through the rings pulling and twisting them until the rings were set snug against her chest.

The wide PVC straps went over her shoulders connecting to the much wider single strap that went around her chest. The clear PVC would almost disappear under the latex suit leaving her with bulging breasts and mini towers for her nipples. Lisa was getting excited with the bra strapped tight running back to her closet returning with two large vibrators bending over the edge of her bed and quickly shoving the plug into her ass.

With the plug seated to the cap she stood up straight, moaning; quickly slipping the large phallus into her damp pussy causing her to moan again. With her pleasure spots filled and her breasts being squeezed firmly Lisa zipped up the catsuit to the top of the tall collar.

The clear vinyl boots were forced onto her feet, the boots had an eight-inch lift without any heels and normally crushed her feet inside them. Lisa had purchased the boots too small because she loved the way her skin looked when pressed tightly against the vinyl.

Lisa struggled to get her rubber covered feet into the tight boots but finally managed to get the zippers pulled up quickly snapping the wide stainless-steel cuffs around her ankles locking the tight boots on. Smiling as she thought about how after a few hours the boots and bra would start to become uncomfortable and hoped Santa would arrive before then.

The clear vinyl chastity belt was a must for Lisa pulling her waist in by several inches and she sunk the extremely wide crotch strap into herself before locking it. Lisa’s moans were becoming louder and more often so she strutted into the closet deciding to find the gag she felt she needed.

Returning with her only clear PVC head harness Lisa was strapping it on as she walked back to her bedside. The harness hadn’t been used much because of the huge phallus attached to the panel that filled her mouth while making it difficult to breathe due to it pressing on the back of her throat.

The interesting thing for her was with everything being crystal clear the inside of her mouth and even the back of her throat could be seen through it. Out of habit Lisa locked all the straps after sinking them into her face and scalp chuckling to herself about instinctively locking the straps.

The tall collar was wrapped around her throat, it was more of a neck corset with laces in the back and three locking buckles over them. With the collar locked tightly Lisa stared at herself in the mirror rubbing and stroking herself increasing her arousal thinking, “Santa’s going to shit when he sees me!”

Just for symmetry the matching wrist cuffs were locked around each wrist, with their keys lying on her nightstand with the others. Lisa looked at the clock giggling. She had gotten too excited and was now going to be forced to wait a few hours longer before Santa was scheduled to be over her city.

Over the years she had found a news station that predicted when and where Santa would be knowing it was a total accident but had she used their predictions comparing them to her ruined videos and they matched up very close. A few very frustrated hours later Lisa was balled up in her box waiting for Santa, she had never worn this much clothing inside the box before and now regretted getting in so early.

The heel-less boots forced her to sit on her folded legs making her lean forwards pressing her head against the side of the box. If she twisted her body, she could just see the Christmas lights shining through the small crack. Suddenly she thought she heard something and prepared herself to push the lid open and jump up, finding when she did the lid wouldn’t move!

Lisa twisted looking through the much smaller crack and swore it looked like someone’s legs were hanging over the top of the box! “Shit, Santa is sitting on the box!” Lisa mumbled around the gag.

“Do you really think I don’t know you are in the box, young lady?” A deep loud voice said.

Lisa knew she was busted and crumbled in defeat wondering if it was really Santa or just someone attracted to her brilliant light display either way, she had no way to open the box with them sitting on top of it. Lisa listened to him munching on the cookies she had left for him then heard him say.

“I’ve been watching you since you saw me twenty-one years ago.”

Lisa desperately wanted to speak but in the tight confines of her prison she could not reach the harness straps quickly remembering she had locked the harness on anyway.

“I know you can’t speak right now but I have a proposition for you.” the deep voice continued.

“Unlike most people you always believed I existed, most start to believe it was just a dream but you never did not once did you ever not believe I was real.” Santa chuckled.

“I spent more time and effort trying to get you to think it was a dream but every year you tried to catch me and a couple of times almost did, I mean you really harassed me.” Santa laughed loudly as he thought of all the times she had tried to catch him.

“Now it seems I’ve caught you, haven’t I?”

Lisa gasped for air wondering what was going to happen next hoping he would let her out of the box. Lisa popped up when he stepped away from the box grateful to be able to stand up quickly stepping out of the box looking around for a chance to get to her keys.

Lisa stood looking at Santa watching him studying her seeing him smile like he was thinking something very dirty.

“Have you ever wanted to be one of Santa’s helpers?” Santa asked Lisa.

Lisa stopped looking for a way out quickly nodding “Yes.”

“I would like to offer you a chance to be one of the most important helpers at the North Pole,” he said calmly.

Lisa was getting excited wishing she wasn’t wearing the gag now pointing to it then to her room indicating she was going to remove the gag.

“No, it’s not necessary, all I need from you is to nod that you want to be a Santa helper.”

Lisa quickly nodded “Yes,” noticing the thick red ribbon Santa was holding between his fingers.

As soon as he said “Good, let me explain your duties.”

The ribbon darted towards the gagged woman. Before Lisa could react, the ribbon was wrapping her ankles together moving quickly up her legs. Lisa was bending forwards to reach for the ribbon when her arms were pulled behind her back and cinched together from the elbows to her wrists.

Lisa wanted to scream but the feeling of being bound stringently by Santa Claus himself excited her so she stood and let the ribbon engulf her body. It seemed like seconds before the ribbon was covering her head squeezing her tighter all over making her gasp for air as it squeezed her torso crushing her waist by several inches.

Lisa was looking through a small gap between the layers of ribbon covering her face seeing him walk closer to her. Santa was now talking in a hush tone explaining her new role in his realm,

“Most people don’t know that the elves, being small in stature, had been blessed with extremely large cocks. Hell, they're hung like rhinos.” Santa continued, “All year long I have hundreds of little rhinos running around with their dicks out, the only thing that makes them feel better is my special helpers.”

Lisa could only listen, unable to move a muscle as the ribbon crushed her tighter, pressing her full breasts almost flat around the tight rings.

Santa came closer still talking in his low calming voice, “I have dozens of helpers scattered around the workshops to help ease the little rhinos’ stress, making the shops much easier to work in. So you see yours is the most important job at the North Pole.”

With that he picked up the mummified woman spinning around and dropping her into the small bag he carried with him. Lisa was stunned as she dropped into what felt like a hole in the floor seeing the top of the bag close over her then nothing. For hours Lisa rode helpless inside the magic bag only seeing glimpses of light when it would be opened for Santa to retrieve something from it.

Lisa tried to struggle, still confused by what she had been told and the feelings of arousal building inside her. After what seemed like days Lisa felt the pressure on her crotch increasing. Yelping when something slipped inside her having no idea the ribbon had penetrated her using her inert phallus to stimulate her.

Lisa was in heaven tightly bound and gagged traveling in Santa’s bag while being fucked by a magic ribbon. Lisa hadn’t noticed the sudden stop and when the light was bright in her face she heard, “That’s enough of that!” from the loud low voice and she was quickly evacuated by her friendly ribbon and left gasping in frustration.

Lisa felt herself being carried straining to see she was under Santa’s arm like a present until he stopped handing her to someone else.

“I think she would serve us best in the main hall so she can be enjoyed by those that need her most.”

Lisa’s helpless body was thrown over the shoulder of the person Santa had been talking to and she felt herself being carried again like a package. The person carrying her stopped when someone asked them a question, she heard them speaking to one another about if this was another pest control situation hearing her transporter say “Yes, and Santa wants it in the main room.”

Lisa didn’t understand what they meant by “pest” but started thrashing wildly, mumphing and howling under the ribbon, feeling it tighten around her, limiting her air until she stopped struggling. When Lisa was able to open her eyes, she tried to look around, finding she could only move her eyes seeing she was in front of a large fireplace.

Lisa moaned from the pain in her feet slowly realizing she was now standing with sweat from the heat of the fire running under the tight latex she had encased herself in. Lisa was still encased in the tight rubber pulling at twisting desperate to find out how she was restrained learning she was in some kind of stocks.

As her feet and breasts throbbed someone walked in front of her stopping to stroke her head then seconds later her mouth was filled with a huge cock. Lisa’s ass was swatted hearing someone say, “You better start working or I can make it more difficult for you.”

Lisa didn’t understand and continued fighting her restraints, getting whipped harder and harder until the cock was pulled out of her mouth. Lisa could feel her mouth being filled instantly again and moaned loudly as the disgruntled assailant walked off yelling, “Someone needs to teach this what its job is!”

Lisa stood bent at the waist for hours watching people’s waists walk by, unable to look any other direction wishing she had never believed in Santa. Lisa was gasping as the tension around her waist increased leaving her on the verge of blacking out when she heard a voice speaking near her ear.

“You are now a special Santa’s helper, it’s never going to change so you need to accept it and start doing your job.”

Lisa whined at the voice she could finally tell was a woman’s trying to get someone to understand this was all a mistake.

“When you arrive at the north pole one of the magical things is that you stay exactly as you arrive.” The voice tried to explain, “Oh Santa’s magic is real, but it is not unlimited so normally when someone arrives they are brought underground in a trance that way they awake in the magical world we now live in.”

Lisa wasn’t sure what the person was trying to say and whined louder.

“Oh, I understand, let me put it this way, the way you were brought here means you will stay exactly as you are, wearing exactly what you had on, minus the ribbon of course, and exactly the same age forever.”

Lisa screamed under the gag forcing her mouth to remain open.

“The elves can change one thing about you but only one at a time and never for very long so each time you are used to please an elf they can pick where they want to use you.”

The woman chuckled as she rubbed Lisa’s latex covered ass, “I like what you have chosen to wear but I think it will be very hot where you are located now.”

Lisa tried to shake her head in agreement hearing, “But it won’t matter because you will never need anything again.”

Lisa whined pulling at her bonds feeling her breasts being fondled listening to the voice say, “My, those rings are tight but eventually you’ll get accustomed to the pain just like those amazing boots, you know we made those here just for you.”

Lisa was gasping as the ribbon tightened again around her waist. “The ribbon will stay with you as well, it stays in case Santa wants you moved or the elves want to change your position, but that rarely happens. I think everyone will enjoy having you right where you are for a long time.”

Lisa could now feel her ankles were being held very far apart lowering her ass and pussy closer to the ground having no idea everyone was staring at its firm roundness when they walked by. When Lisa could finally feel her arms and hands, she could tell they were held in a reverse prayer high up her back having no idea she was at the perfect height to be used both front and rear.

Lisa struggled for days as her ribbon continued to tighten around her crushing her waist and breasts only feeling the tension relieved over her breasts when someone stopped to use her for stress relief. After a few days Lisa was still staring straight ahead whining and moaning pulling at the rigid bonds that held her so firmly trying to figure out if this was all a nightmare or was, she really an elf fucking post.

Two elves stopped in front of her carrying a large mirror; they left the mirror standing in front of her allowing her to see herself for the first time. While Lisa was being fucked from behind, she studied herself in the mirror shocked to see what had become of her.

Lisa stared at her head sticking out of a large wooden stockade, her head was pulled backwards against the neck corset she had placed on herself. Lisa could just spot the thin straps running across her forehead and from the head harness she had locked on keeping her head perfectly immobile.

As she studied herself, she noticed her hands were flailing almost directly behind her head still in the red latex just showing a glint of the steel from the cuffs under the ribbon that wound from her wrists to her armpits. Lisa couldn’t believe how perfectly she was wrapped in the thick ribbon or how aroused she was becoming seeing herself restrained.

Looking under her chin she could see the ribbon had pulled away from crushing her breasts leaving them hanging in the tight rubber still squeezed firmly at their bases by the cruel steel rings. The tops of the boots could be seen above the wood around her ankles but her feet she had crammed into the clear boots could not be seen by her.

Lisa didn’t think the pain in her feet and breasts could get any worse and surely soon she would die of thirst only thinking she wasn’t thirsty or hungry either. Lisa thought back to what the female voice had said about her never being released or needing anything ever again.

While Lisa stood in her bonds confused and frustrated her apartment was being cleaned out by a dozen elves with one scooping the rings of keys off the nightstand into a box. As each item was loaded into another magic bag, they were sent directly to the incinerator destroying any evidence of her existence and any possibility she would ever be free of her rubber and vinyl cocoon again.

Lisa had started being used regularly to ease the little rhinos’ tension even learning to use her mouth properly mostly because no matter how close she gets to an orgasm she was denied and her frustration made her want to be fucked more. Accepting her fate Lisa suffered in silence frustrated beyond all possible thoughts being pushed to the edge of orgasm multiple times a day and never being allowed to cum.

After the first year had passed, she saw a large red suit in front of her face hearing the low calming voice again.

“You’ve done well this year, helper, so I think it’s your turn for a gift.”

Suddenly the red suit wasn’t in front of her anymore, she felt herself being raised as her legs slid closer together making her moan from the sudden shift of her position. Just as quick someone was mounting her from behind the sheer size of what was being forced into her pussy made Lisa scream.

Lisa’s entire body was being groped and even as the ribbon corset tightened around her stopping her from being able to breathe Lisa could feel the orgasm was about to explode inside her. Lisa was on the verge of blacking out having the wonderful feelings of being able to cum rush over her when she heard him laughing loudly vibrating her whole body.

When Lisa exploded in ecstasy she felt the earth spinning under her and climaxed for several minutes in the most mind-numbing orgasm imaginable. When she finally calmed down, she found herself back in her old position looking at the red suit again.

“The elves were right, you are very good, I can see why they line up for you!”

Lisa was mumbling desperately trying to thank him for making her climax hearing him laugh and say.

“If you’re a good little girl maybe I’ll visit you again next year, HO HO HO!”

Suddenly she was alone again fully sated and happy already looking forward to her next Christmas present from Santa.


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