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Sorority Horror

by Jeff Parker

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© Copyright 2002 - Jeff Parker - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; mum; latex; bandages; catsuit; toys; entrap; encase; nc; X

He had devised the perfect plan.  He had been watching the sorority for months and had picked out the most beautiful six girls to be his unknowing victims.  He had mailed out invitations to the girls a week before inviting them to spend the night in the “Haunted” house.  The one who made it through the night he had offered $100,000 to.   Though he really had planned to have six wonderful mummies by the end of the night and the $100,000 was going to stay in his pocket.  It was now the night and the girls should be arriving soon.

Kelsie arrived first.  A beautiful girl of about 5’7” tall and weighing about 125 lbs.  She had a wonderful hourglass figure, 36C-28-34, and her beautiful wavy brown hair dropped just over her shoulders.  He spoke not a word and led her to her room for the evening.  As they got to her room she noticed the strange name on her bedroom door which was entitled “Silk Wrapped Dream”.  As she stepped into the room she could see why.  She loved the feel of silk on her body and noticed in the room that not only was the bed covered in white silk sheets but the walls were too.  She looked at him, smiled and said, “I’d love to get your decorator’s name.  This room is beautiful”.   He just looked at her smiled, laid her suitcase on the floor and left the room.

Jennifer was the next to arrive.  Jennifer was just a little co-ed of about 5’2” and about 100 lbs.   She wasn’t fat by any means, but the extra weight on her bones gave her wonderfully voluptuous 34C breasts.  She was also a brunette whose hair fell just short of her shoulders.  She had an incredible smile and wonderful blue eyes.  He took her up to her bedroom for the evening which was entitled “Latex Dream”.  He walked her into the room and she was surprised when there was not a spot of latex to be found, except for the latex sheets that covered the bed.  “Why is this room called Latex Dream?”, she asked.  He just smiled at her, laid her suitcase down and left the room.

A set of twins was next to arrive.  Michelle and Katie we both about 5’7” and weighed about 135”.  They both had straight blond hair that extended to the middle of their shoulder blades.  They were both athletes with incredibly toned bodies.  Their 36B breasts were just as firm and perky as the rest of the bodies.  They were both tennis stars at the University and had legs that would knock your socks off.  He led them both to room number 69.  They saw the room number and began to giggle.  He led them in, laid their suitcases on the floor and left the room.

Kristin was next and what a beautiful sight.  She was about 5’8” around 130” lbs. Her sandy brown hair had waves that would make an ocean blush.  She was 36C-30-36 and had the most wonderful shaped breasts.  He led her up to her room entitled “Clear Night” and as they opened the door she thought she knew why.  The ceiling to her room was all glass with the night sky shinning through.  It was one of the most beautiful sights she had ever seen.  He laid her suitcase down and left her standing in amazement. 

Marie was the last one to arrive.  Marie was only about 5’5” and a measly 100 lbs.   She also had a wonderful figure and her breasts were a nice handful soft flesh.  She had beautiful straight brown hair that cascaded down her neck and enveloped her shoulders.  He led her to her room, the last on the hallway, the name on the door was “Duct Pond” and she started to laugh when she read it.  “Someone couldn’t spell very well now could they?”, she laughed.  He turned and looked at her and then led her into the room.  He laid her suitcase on the bed and promptly left the room.

The girls all got settled and then gathered to explore the house.  It was a huge mansion of at least a hundred rooms.  They explored most of the night up and down the many flights of steps.  They found rooms that they could not open and rooms that were way too dark for them to even try to enter.  They found beautiful libraries and kitchens, dinning rooms and dens.  For most of the night they couldn’t figure out why in the world someone thought this old mansion was haunted.  Finally about 4 a.m. the all decided that they’d had enough for the evening and decided to go to bed.

Michelle and Katie were the first to get to bed.  The twins put on their silk nightgowns and hoped into bed and fell asleep in no time.  Some time later Michelle was awoken by what sounded like the dropping of the chain.   She slowly opened her eyes and noticed that the room had somehow changed.  She tried to sit up but found herself lying on a solid steel operating table.  She looked over to her left and saw Katie still fast asleep lying next to her on her own operating table.  She tried frantically to sit up but found that she couldn’t move her body from her shoulders down.  She looked around and saw a ghostly white figure approaching her.  She screamed for help, but as swiftly as she did, she suddenly found her mouth stuffed full of the panties she was previously wearing. 

As the ghostly figure approached her she started feeling a wonderful tingling in her crotch area.  She could feel her heart start to race as she could feel her body becoming more and more aroused.  The tingling increased with each breath she took.   She couldn’t take it much longer.  She lifted her head to see what was giving her such an incredible feeling and what she saw made her want to scream in horror.  As she watched the ghostly figure raised and lowered his bony hand above her crotch and with each time he would raise his hand a cock started to grow from her crotch area.  Her muffled screams increased as it grew and grew in size.  Each time it grew the feeling of orgasm increased in her pussy, until finally when the cock looked to be about ten inches long, she erupted into orgasm.  Her whole body shook and twinged until the feeling subsided.   By this time, Katie was awake to and was watching in horror as the same thing was happening to her.  They came in unison their muffled screams of ecstasy sounded like a beautiful choir..

Now laying there in bliss they started to feel their bodies rise off the tables.  They suddenly found their mouths free of their panties but what felt like locked open.  They watched their bodies float into the air as the ghostly figure inserted breathing tubes into their noses.  Then Michelle watched as she saw Katie’s body float above hers and rotate until they were looking straight at each other’s newly formed cocks.  Both, Michelle and Katie attempted to wiggle and struggle as Katie’s body was slowly lowered to Michelle’s.  Michelle watched in disbelief as Katie’s newly formed cock slid into her mouth, she could feel hers sliding into Katie’s mouth.  Soon Michelle could see out of the corner of her eye the ghostly figure starting to wrap their bodies together with medical wrap.  She tried to pull her head away from Katie’s cock but now it was deep in her mouth pushing at the entrance to her throat. 

The ghostly figure now placed high-speed vibrators on their clits and turned them on.  Both girls managed muffled cries as the vibrators went to work.  The ghostly figure continued to wrap their bodies now compressing each girls head tightly to the others crotch permanently sealing the cocks into their succulent mouths.  The vibrators were now doing their jobs as the girls could feel orgasms building inside of them.  Their breasts pressed firmly against each other’s stomachs, the vibrators sending what felt like vibrations throughout their bodies.  The ghostly figure now leaned down and whispered into where Michelle’s ears would be.  “Enjoy the orgasms, for each time you orgasm your newly formed cocks will erupt shooting not cum, but preservatives into your body.  After time your organs will deteriorate and the fluid in you will harden.  Your bodies will be preserved for all eternity.”  With that a slot in the wall opened up and the girls were placed inside on display behind a glass window.  It didn’t take long before both girls erupted into orgasms the cocks exploded their first load of sweet preservative.  Michelle and Katie tried not to swallow the sweet juice but there was just so much and the orgasms were just too intense…

Jennifer wasn’t really tired when she got back to her “Latex Dreams” room.  She decided to explore her bedroom for the evening before going to bed.  She noticed only one door other than the door that led in and out of the room.  She walked over curious about it, but figured it was just the bathroom or the door to the adjacent room.  She slowly opened the door and peered inside.  On a hanger in the middle of the closet was a nice new shiny black latex catsuit and sitting on the shelf above it was a bottle of some liquid gel.  She pulled down the bottle and noticed that it said on the only label that it was a gel that would help slide on latex clothes with ease.  Actually He had pre planned it all and what was in the bottle was not gel but a super permanent adhesive.  Jennifer was now getting very curious and so she took the bottle and the catsuit and laid them on the bed.  She explored every bit of the catsuit and noticed that it had a latex dildo and butt plug built into the crotch of the outfit.  She looked around and drew the curtains to the room.  “I’ve got to try this on.. besides it will keep me busy enough that what’s left of the evening goes by quicker.” 

Slowly she slid off her skirt and undid her blouse and dropped both of them to the floor.  Next was her bra and panties and then she stood naked in the room.  She could start to feel herself getting moist with the idea of the dildo and plug deep inside of her.  She couldn’t stand it any longer.  She grabbed the bottle and poured some in her hands and then thickly covered her whole body in the liquid gel.  As she spread the gel over her body, her hands slid between her breasts and pussy and started to get very heated.  With her whole body now covered in the adhesive she slowly slid her feet into the catsuit.  The gel was making it extremely easy to slide the outfit on.  Slowly she slid it up her legs and quickly gained love for the tightness of the latex to her body.  It really felt like a new layer of skin like everyone had told her. 

Soon she was up at her waist and she reached over to the bottle and poured the gel onto the dildo and plug thinking the greasier they were the easier they would slide in.  Up the cat suit went, the dildo and plug slid snugly in place and were larger than anyone she had ever experienced.  The built in corset squeezed her waist in three inches pushing her bountiful breasts up and out.  Finally she slid her arms and hands into the latex gloves and sleeves before zipping the small zipper up the back.   She lay down on the bed and closed her eyes enjoying the wonderful feel of the outfit.  She ran her hands up and down her body enjoying the great feel to the latex.  When her hands made their way down to her crotch she felt a couple of knobs.  She turned them and suddenly the dildo and plug started to pulse and vibrate inside of her.  Her hands slid back up her body, massaging her breasts as an orgasm started to build inside of her.  She then raised her hands above her head pretending that her arms were tied to the corners of the bed. 

Suddenly as her orgasm began to build she heard a voice whisper in her ear.. “Cum my dear, cum over and over.  Each time you do your breast size will increase by an inch and a cup size, so cum my dear cum”  She couldn’t believe what she just heard.  Could she have been imagining it?  She decided even as her orgasm was approaching that she would reach down and turn off the vibrators to she if there really was some voice speaking to her.  There was one problem, as she tired to move her arms she noticed that somehow the latex that covered her arms and the latex sheets had now become one.  She raised her head and looked down she tried to move any part of her body and found that her whole body was now sealed to the latex sheet.  It was as if someone had come along and heated the two melting the latex together. 

She now put her head back down wondering now what was she going to do.  She heard steps in the room.  She tried to raise her head to see who it was but suddenly found that she couldn’t move her head either.  She looked up at the mirror above the bed and noticed in horror that her wonderful brown hair was now made of latex and had sealed itself to the sheets as well.  By now the vibrators were attacking her at full speed and she could feel the intense orgasm starting to build.   She closed her eyes getting wrapped up in the building orgasm.  A ghostly figure approached and as Jennifer lay there her mouth open breathing heavily, he slid an inflatable gag into her mouth and locked it behind her head.  He laid the pump to the gag in the cleavage of her breasts knowing full well that when her breasts began to grow they would squeeze the pump inflating the gag in her mouth. 

Right about that time Jennifer exploded in to orgasm.  It rocked her whole body sending a wonderful tingling feeling all over her body.  As the orgasm subsided Jennifer opened her eyes just in time to watch her breasts start to grow in size.  She watched as her wonderful 34C’s became heaving 35D’s and as they grew she could feel the gag in her mouth filling with air.  She continued to struggle trying to scream for help but she couldn’t move a muscle as her latex had sealed to the sheets.  She lay there for a while and suddenly she could feel another orgasm building.  She looked up in the mirror and noticed that the shiny black latex was slowly creeping up her neck and down her forehead.  Soon the only thing she could see of her own skin was her eyes and her nostrils, but that didn’t last for long.  She closed her eyes as she erupted into another orgasm just as the latex covered her eyes.  Now she was completely and permanently covered in latex her breasts continuing to grow to mammoth proportions…. The ghostly figured leaned over and whispered in her ear.  “That’s it my girl continue to cum.  Soon your breasts would be large enough to crush you, but don’t worry that won’t happen.  In fact within the next couple of hours the latex mattress that you are on will start to absorb your body.  You will become permanently part of my latex dream mattress forever.  Enjoy my sweet!”
  to be continued...


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