Mummified Links

  • ?Archway-to-monica

    Website for Bondage, leg & foot lovers. Site contains many galleries & videos of the beautiful ladies bound, gagged and in some mummified too!

  • Advert ?Ashley Renee

    Ashley is the ultimate bondage model tied up by the World's Best Bondage Riggers, often in latex in high resolution pictures and 640x480 video! Can also be found wrapped up and abused!

  • ?Bodyhose

    It's a dress, it's a skirt, it's a cocoon, it's a blanket, it's a private space, it's whatever you want it to be.

  • ?Cast Your Enthusiasm

    Cute Girls in plaster & fiberglass casts, rigid & teased; helpless and immobile, enjoy the casting and mummification with some help from Christina tickling and tormenting them with sextoys, the more rigid they are the more fun we can have. From the same makers of ConversationPiece & QualityControl

  • ?Charlotte Fetish

    Charlotte tied up, strapped tight, covered in latex, locked in cages, encased & long term storage, mummified, cocooned plus much more.

  • ?Conversation Piece

    How can you top young hot girls in tight, inescapable bondage? Pantyhose of course! Like it's big brother Quality Control, you can expect imaginative bondage in a light and fun atmosphere, fine hosery & beautiful pantyhose bondage.

  • Fetish Clinic - Latex/fetish

    FetishClinic is operated by the beautiful Anna Rose and features nurses and patients from all over the world. You will see only the best latex and heavy rubber outfits, bondage gear, medical equipment, electro stimulation, roleplay and much more.

  • House of Gord

    Prepare yourself for the ultimate in restraint, trussing, cocooning, human furniture, packaged girls and suspension presented at the House of Gord ultra bondage experience

  • Imago Studios

    Our models are the real-life women you see and fantasize about every day - the cute girl-next-door, the sexy college coed, the conservatively dressed secretary at your office, the flirty waitress at your favorite diner, and even your neighbor's wife! Video and picture sets, also has a searchable scene guide, so check out their mummy and duct tape scenes.

  • Latex Stories

    Free collection of Latex Stories, hundreds of stories, free galleries and latex links.

  • Lorelei's Bedroom Bondage!

    Lorelei's free bondage pics, bound, mummified and gagged damsels-in-distress, personal photos, diary, illustrated bondage stories and more!

  • ?Maxcita

    Escape artist and encasement fetish. Manufacturer of Straitjackets, latex, canvas & denim bodybags, restraints latex hoods since 1985. Online catalogue.

  • Medical Toys

    Online store for mummification and medical toys useful in bondage and bdsm scenes. Check out great exclusive institutional restraints and medical fetish gear including straight jackets, electro stimulation gear, restraints, cool medical devices, urethral sounds and more...

  • ?Mistress Stephanie Locke

    Mistress is passionate about Mummification. She has spent hours at a time creating human mummies, has taught Mummification across America and is always looking for a new challenge - that could be you!

  • Mummification Please!

    This is the site about everything to do with mummification: why we love it, how it excites and turns us on, what methods, techniques and materials we use, what positions we like, what durations we can endure, what we get out of it and where it takes us. We'll share pictures, experiences, anecdotes, and stories real and fictional.

  • Mummified

    Mummification story collection, read stories about wrapping with duct tape, saranwrap, clingfilm, bandages. With galleries, techniques and links as well and all for free.

  • ?QualityControl

    Beautiful young women in real, artistic bondage, images of females tied up, chained, mummified, boxed, teased and always original. Quality photography and video. Fetishwear, vetwrap, clingfilm and more.

  • Serious Bondage

    Huge site containing many, many bondage, encasement and other techniques, stories, articles, images and product reviews. Be prepared for a long stay in this well presented website.

  • Serious Images

    SeriousImages is a web site which focuses on unique bondage gear, scenarios, and real people who enjoy playing with bondage as an erotic fetish activity or lifestyle. It contains both photos and videos of unique bondage gear, equipment built specifically for immobilizing a person or persons, and associated play scenarios. The site is updated every 10 days.

  • Serious Male Bondage

    Dedicated to men who enjoy the experience of bondage. Whether the scenario is being bound by another man, or being the one who ties up another man, the experience of playing with bondage is both fun and exciting for everyone involved.

  • Spandex Stories

    Stories of people bound in spandex; tight and shiny shiny spandex full-body encasement with bondage, domnination, fantasy, fetish role play. Free galleries.

  • ?Trashbag & Mummification Bondage

    New site dealing with young girls packed in trash bags, mummified, wrapped up, completely helpless & gagged.

  • Wabi-Sabi Moe (Bondage in Costumes)

    Japanese damsels in distress site. Costumed girls are bound and gagged. The site contains bagged bondage, self-bondage, multi-layered cocooning and more fetish play.

  • Way Back Machine

    Ever wanted to check out that old website, well now you can with the web archive - wayback machine, useful to find that lost website or story.

  • Winter Fetish

    Winter Fetish has been producing fetish fashion, high quality stretchwear and bondage products since 1997 in Seattle, WA. They take pride in each and every product that leaves their production facility and are constantly innovating to create the next generation of exciting toys and fashions that leave people feeling fulfilled and expressed in their sexual lives.

  • ?Wrapped in Bondage

    Bondage model Pandora and her girlfriends wrapped in bondage.

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